My dad was an organic square foot gardener when I was a kid.  I remember picking sugar snap peas and eating them right there in the garden.  He grew peas, tomatoes, grapes, and who knows what else.  He and my mom turned me into a serious tomato snob.  Even when we didn’t grow the tomatoes ourselves, my mom would seek out the “tomato man” with the truck of produce sold on the side of the road around Buckhead.

We joined a CSA last year after reading Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal Vegetable Miracle.”  I had been growing herbs for several years because it’s so much cheaper than buying them in the store, and I decided to finally try my hand at tomatoes.  I picked up some conventional grape tomatoes that grew great.  Then I decided to buy some heirloom varieties, which didn’t go so well – but I think it was too late in the season.

Fast forward to this year – I started looking through catalogs and seed websites and went nuts.  That’s what’s chronicled here on this blog.  Hope you enjoy the journey with me.


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  1. Dear tomato girl,

    Your Dad also grew the very best Cantelope I have ever tasted to this day. When you venture into square foot gardening in the back yard next season try this crop! Have fun along the way and look forward to the fruits of your labor.

    I have some handy photos of you in the home garden as a youngster if you would like to post them on this website. MOM

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