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Blossom End Rot?!

Dreaded blossom end rot

Dreaded blossom end rot

Oh no!  I have discovered blossom end rot on 2 of my Patio F plants and one Tumbling Tom.  With some research it looks like this is due to a shortage of calcium to the plant because of period of heavy rain and then some dryness.  The solution: Mulching all the plants and spraying affected plants with calcium spray (purchased in a bottle at Lowe’s).  Hopefully we’ll have a good report next time.


Variety 5: Tumbling Toms

Tumbling TomPerfect for hanging baskets and containers, this plant cascades 18 inches over the container’s edge, bearing lots of bright red 1 to 2-inch cherry tomatoes that are deliciously sweet. Plants grow about 6 inches wide, so you can place several in a 10 or 12-inch pot for a very attractive display. This is a great variety for gardeners with limited space. Determinate. 70 days.